The university Grants Commission has entrusted select colleges to manage a resource centre. With the financial support from the UGC under the CPE ( College with Potential for Excellence ) its main objective was to break the digital divide among the undergraduate teachers and to make broadband Internet as a tool of research in the college.
The Centre at present has hi speed broad band internet connectivity with six computer system connected through the local area network It also has a photostat copier, scanner. In future it will further expand its connectivity to the different sectors of the college and download scheme for providing updated information regarding their activities, programmes and schemes of the U.G.C. to the students and faculty members. The centre has a coordinator and other members drawn from the various streams Humanities, Science and Commerce.
This is the pivot of research activities in the college since teachers engaged in research projects are exclusively using the services of the centre.
The centre provides logistic support to the faculty members in their various research activities and allied programmes by ensuring the optimum utilisation of the centre. It not only helps as a support system but gives a platform to the teaching staff to keep themselves abreast with the latest trends of research and development(R and D) in the field of Education.
An institution is not known by its majestic infrastructure in the form of architectural beauty but because of its grace, dignity and vision and the direction of the people associated with it. Since its inception on the 1st of September 2014, the centre has changed the academic input of the college. It has become the knowledge/learning Resource Centre.

  • With certain traditional educational resources such as books,(reference) journals, periodicals it also has provision to software and audio visual materials. These facilities exist t promote electronic information resources like e-journals, library connectivity, web based resources. With this there has been a shift in the traditional role of the librarian to that of the LRC manager (Library Resource Centre) who is more or less an information Professional.
  • Our resource has made a great contribution to the vital Learning Environment in order to provide access to quality and provide timely resources to colleagues which is disseminated to students.
  • A key aspect of a learning Resource centre is the application of self study in different ways.
  • Scholars, researchers are encouraged to interact with their supervisor.


It provides the e space for accessing the journals articles documents in the relevant areas of research that the scholars and supervisors require.
It also helps as a platform for interaction among supervisors and paper writers contributing to different avenues of research
In perspective scholars and subject experts will be invited from other institution to interact and present their views on recent trends in National and global research programme.
It will also provide information to staff about the various Conferences, seminars and workshops at the state, National and International Level.


Name Designation
Dr. Pratip Kumar Mishra, coordinator Co-ordinator
Dr. Pradip Kumar Samantaray Member
Dr. (Mrs.) Purnima Nayak Member
Prof. Priyabrata Mohanty Member
Dr. (Mrs.) Bindushree Mishra Member
Prof. (Mrs.) Nita Das Member
Mrs. Manjushree Behera Member