Prananath College Building

Antisexual Harassment Cell

Antisexual Harassment Cell

The anti Sexual Harassment Cell provides a forum to the students and staff members of the college for redressed of their gender related grievances and to create healthy and safe atmosphere in the campus.

It functions under the conscious and careful supervision of a group of teachers nominated by the principal from among the teaching staff each year. The cell provides training programme for self defence for girl students and helps them to pursue their career in a gender related tension free environment and makes them conscious about the policies and programmes of the government for the protection and promotion of the rights of women.

Internal complaint committee is established every year in the college to look into and adjudicate various issues relating to sexual harassment meted out to students and female employees in the institution. It plays an important role in averting instances of sexual harassment and related matters.

Officer In-Charge of Anti-sexual Harassment Cell

  1. Mr. Pramod Kumar Samal
  2. Dr. Nandita Chhotray
  3. Dr. Sunita Tripathy
  4. Mrs. Madhusmita Chhotray
  5. Ms. Lipsarani Nayak